Pushing hard

Last night was really hard. At the beginning of the lesson we started with simple trotting poles, and then I started to do just trot over jumps using walk, trot, jump commands. This was over a single jump first and then on to double jumps. It was all about learning control and trying to slow B down as she loves to jump and can get very excited.

After the jumping lesson Declan really pushed me hard to practise my transitions from walk to canter. We repeated and repeated many times, by the end of the evening my hands and arms were in so much pain, B was sweating and I was exhausted.

Then as i walked her back to the stable she stood on my foot, so not only do I have really tired arms this morning I have a sore foot as well. We are pushing hard as I am hoping to do my first cross pole competition at Desert Palm this weekend (although this will probably not be on B and I will ride Creme)


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