Well, yesterday was a long list of so many firsts. My first ever show, My first ever attempt at dressage not just in a show but ever, My first ever rosette and I guess the reason why this blog is called “Learning the hard way” my first ever fall.

We rushed from school straight to the show, frantically completing as much homework as possible in the car and in between the homework grabbing a few snacks ready for what was going to be long(ish) night ahead. Almost as soon as we arrived I needed to get on Creme who Aljoud had said I could borrow to have a go at dressage on. Creme was great but I really need more practice, as my scores were not great.


As this was a training show in Emirates Equestrian Centre we took B up to see how she was in a crowd and give her a few jumps in the practise arena. Unfortunately towards the end of the session when I was getting tired I pushed her at the corner of a jump with no notice, she went over but was obviously not happy and gave a little buck, I lost my stirrup and panicked, she bucked again and then next thing I knew I was airborne and crashing into the sand of the arena floor.

The wind obviously crashed out of my chest and I hurt my back, but more than anything I was upset that I had fallen in such a silly mistake. I think my pride was hurt more than my back.

B, however, was a sweetheart and I think she was as stunned as I was and she stood next to me in complete confusion as if to say “you are in the wrong place down there, come on get up we are going nowhere with you on the floor”. It was my first fall and unfortunately, everyone kept telling me with cheerful smiles it will be the first of many! I certainly hope not.

Well back on again tonight, maybe a little bit more nervous but no less determined to improve. As my sister so rightly said last night – You just have to get back on.


Here are the results, I am disappointed as I made so many silly mistakes but I think it is a good place to work from to improve.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 9.00.55 AM


One thought on “SO MANY FIRSTS…

  1. Hi Mikey, I really enjoy your Blog and reading about how your riding adventure is going. I think that it’s sad how horses have been so important in every day life, for thousands of years and now more people use stinky old cars and tractors and don’t give horses respect on our roads. If you log on to the NLS (National Library of Scotland) and look at their old films on line, put in ‘Good Servant’ to learn about big Clydesdale horses in 1958! Keep riding and blogging and building up your collection of rosettes…I wish I was brave enough to learn to ride. Well Done Mikey, kind regards, Sam.


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